Monday Morning Rewind 10/28/13

I will go ahead and tell you…this post was not my idea. When I told some friends that I was going to give this blogging thing a serious try…I received lots of suggestions to help make it successful. My good buddy Tony H told me that a lot of bloggers have certain topics they address on set days. His wonderful idea was to use Monday as a look back at the previous weekend. Since my current goal is to post something meaningful Monday through Friday…I have two whole days that go by without any sort of comment from me. Things happen during those two days and it could be fun to talk about some of them. So…here we go.

1. This past Friday night I attended “Late Night With Roy” in Chapel Hill, NC. For those who are not familiar…this is the annual kick-off to UNC’s basketball season. The team comes out and acts silly for about an hour and then they play a scrimmage game. I have been a Tar Heel (it is two words) fan for as long as I can remember. I have been to many of their games…including a wonderful win over the Dook (yes…we spell it Dook) Blue Devils. I saw the 2005 championship team play. I saw the 2009 championship team win their first two games of that tournament…including Tyler Hansbrough’s free throw that broke J.J. Reddick’s scoring record. I even stood on Franklin Street the night that team won the title. It was madness. This past Friday was another memorable UNC event because it was my first “Late Night” and I attended it with my brother, his wife, and my oldest son. This may be my last chance to do something like this “in person” for a long time so it was extra special.

2. This past Saturday marked the last day of Stoneybrook Christian Church’s 2013 Upward football season. For the past twelve weeks we have been practicing and trying to teach these kids how to play football and (most importantly) honor God with their lives. For the past eight weeks we have been playing games. My team finished up 5-2 (we missed one week due to weather) and I could not be more proud of those kids. They played their hearts out every week and they showed good, Christlike sportsmanship whether they won or lost. So…I want to give a big shout out to my guys: Chase, Connor, Graham, Jayden, Jeremy, Justin, Ryan, Seth, and Solomon…you guys are awesome. It was my privilege to be your coach. This was my first year coaching and I enjoyed it immensely. Those guys were a huge part of it and I will always remember it.  It was also very special because I had my oldest son (I call him Geo) coaching with me. Watching him work with those kids made me proud. He knows the game, he knows how to teach the game, and he knows how to coach it. I could not be more proud.

3. I taught the adult Sunday School class at Stoneybrook for the last time. There are four of us (John, Chuck, Steve, and myself) who rotate teaching. It has been a privilege to share in the responsibility of teaching God’s word with these fine men. It has also been a joy just to be a part of the adult class. I am the youngest one in there but they have never made me feel like a kid or looked down on me because I was the young guy. I truly appreciate that.

There are probably more personal things that I could put up here…but those three stand out. I imagine the next couple of weeks will produce even more as I make the move from North Carolina up to Pennsylvania. There are so many things happening all at once and I am just trying to pay attention and savor each one of them before they are gone.

A couple of non-personal events that took place over the weekend. These are mostly for me to remember what was going on in the world as my life was unfolding.

The Dallas Cowboys lost by one point to the Detroit Lions as Calvin Johnson racked up more yards than our entire team. Yes…I am a Cowboys fan. The only consolation in the loss is knowing that Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos totally destroyed the Washington Redskins. Yes…I realize that is probably petty…but hey…they enjoyed our loss too.

Lou Reed (founder of the Velvet Undergound) died at the age of 71. I was not a fan of Mr. Reed…in fact, the only song of his that I even know is Walk On The Wild Side. Even though I was never into him or his music…I do recognize the impact he made on rock and roll. Two of my favorite bands (U2 and R.E.M.) were influenced by him…so he did affect the things I listen to.

The St. Louis Cardinals won Game Three of the World Series on a crazy (controversial) call at third base. HERE is the recap if you haven’t seen or heard about it. The series is currently tied 2-2 and I am truly hoping that they win it all. I’ve never been a big Red Sox fan. Nope.

And that is a brief recap of my weekend. I hope you had a good one as well.


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