All You Need Is Love

I took a short break. I hope I am forgiven.

This past Sunday I preached from 1 John. My theme for this month is “love” and I am looking at various passages that describe what true love really looks like. 1 John is like a kick in the teeth when it comes to love.

We are told that God’s love for us is why we are able to be called His children. He is light and love and if we dwell in Him…we have to walk in both. If we truly love Him…we will obey Him. We cannot walk in darkness and claim to love God.

Also…we cannot ignore those in need and claim to love God. Chapter 3 verse 16 says that the way we truly love one another is when we lay down our lives for each other. I have always connected that with those who die to save someone else…but I think it goes much deeper than that. If we lay down our lives…then we commit ourselves to making sure others are taken care of. Our time…our resources…everything we have…is sacrificed to provide for those in need. That is how we show love.

I don’t know about you…but to me…that’s pretty heavy. I can’t ignore those in need and still love God. Like I said…a kick in the teeth.