Stephen Curry Has Made Me Enjoy The NBA Again

I have never been a huge NBA fan. I have been watching college basketball my entire life and have pulled for the University of North Carolina the entire time. There have been players from other schools that I appreciated and enjoyed watching but I mostly stuck with the Tar Heels. I followed many of them when they went pro but I never considered myself of any one team other than the San Antonio Spurs. I started following them right around the time that David Robinson came on board and I continued to pull for them throughout his career and the Tim Duncan era that followed. Having former Tar Heel Danny Green on the roster for the past few years bolstered my support. I was extremely excited when they beat Miami last season. I had high hopes for them this season and was truly disappointed when they were knocked out.

Along with the Spurs, I spent most of the season watching Stephen Curry. I remember seeing him play college ball at Davidson and knew that he could play. Since his NBA debut back in 2009 I have watched him and been continuously impressed by his skills on the court and the manner in which carried himself off the court. I know he is human (like us all) and he is not perfect, I don’t have any false assumptions or expectations of him. However, he does seem to be a decent person who has an uncanny gift when it comes to the game. He is fun to watch. He also came back from an injury plagued season a couple of years ago and seems to have gotten better. The more I watch him…the more I like him.

I have been watching the play-offs this year (originally pulling for the Spurs) and especially watching any UNC guys. It just so happens that one of Curry’s team mates is Harrison Barnes. While my original intent was to follow Barnes, I have once again been reminded of just how good Curry is and how much fun he is to watch. I am legitimately pulling for him now. He has won MVP of the league this season (rightfully so) and getting a ring would cap off a great season. He scored 26 points in game one against Cleveland last night and even though the Cavs have LeBron (who scored over 40), I think this is Curry’s year. I’ll watch the rest of the series and keep pulling for him. Here’s to some good basketball.


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