Every Day Is A New Beginning

I posted this today on a website that I help moderate.

Today I begin what I hope to be a permanent life change. Over the past year I have watched my wife literally transform herself. It is true that she had surgery but what most people don’t understand is that the surgery alone isn’t enough to lose weight and keep it off. You have to change the way that you eat…forever. You have to commit to being active and staying away from things that are not good for you. It is hard. She made the decision to get healthy and I admire her for that.

I have lost some weight since moving up here in 2013. Eliminating all those Mountain Dews and Little Debbie cakes helped, but I am still overweight. Watching Robin has challenged me to make changes in the way I approach food and to commit myself to being more active.I bought myself some good shoes to walk in and my goal is to walk at least a mile a day here in the beginning. I’ve still got the Couch to 5K program and I am considering that as well. Honestly, I don’t want to be a runner. It doesn’t appeal to me. I do like to hike and we have several places up here that are nice.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I weigh 305.6 lbs. That’s actually down about eight lbs from last week. That isn’t unusual for me. For the past year I have bounced around between 305 and 315. For those who are curious, my highest weight was somewhere around 400 lbs back in 2008 when we were in Mississippi. It took me four years to get down to 350 and that is where I remained until 2013 when we moved up here.

So…here I am. I am sharing this here because I am undisciplined and I need people to be accountable to. If I share my progress in here and folks ask me how it’s going, I am more inclined to stay focused on the goal. Robin is also here for me and she amazes me.

I walked two miles before the rain came in. I feel good. I probably could’ve walked further but I didn’t want to push it on the fist day. I don’t want to weigh but once a week. I feel like the scale could become a burden or an obstacle if I pay too much attention to.

I’m excited. Robin has inspired me and I’m ready to get healthy.


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