My Non-Controversial Controversial Post

This post will not be about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. It will not be about an excessive (and racially motivated) police force beating kids up at a Texas swimming pool. It’s not that I don’t think about these things. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion. Trust me when I say that I do. The reason that I am not jumping into the ring on these issues is the simple fact that I personally cannot do a thing about them. All I would be doing is throwing out another opinion based simply on hearsay. I do not know Jenner and I don’t live in the neighborhood where the infamous swim party was held. What gives me (or anyone else) the right to speak out for/against them?

I suppose I could use my status as a preacher to weigh in with the biblical stance on sexuality or racism. I definitely wouldn’t be the first. The problem there is that, once again, I don’t any of these people personally. I would be interjecting my thoughts into a situation in which I have absolutely sway. I honestly don’t see the benefit. At best, I may orchestrate a logical (and hopefully Christian) response. At worst, I may say something ill-advised and give the world even more ammunition against the church. There are enough “Christians” giving Jesus a bad name. I don’t need to join that group.

I understand that there are people on every side who identify themselves as Christians. We use labels like evangelical, conservative, moderate, and liberal to differentiate between what we agree and disagree on. Truthfully, I think we all might be surprised to discover what Jesus would (or would not do) in these same situations. Jesus was a radical. He did not condone sin but he approached it with grace and mercy. That is something that many Christians need to remember. I don’t like it when people use the “God is love” excuse to condone any and every behavior. However, He IS love and offers grace to all who seek it. Christians are supposed to be pointing people to that grace by exhibiting love, not chasing them away with out Bibles.

I pray that the LORD helps me to give grace and mercy to all who come into my life. I want to boldly stand for the truth, but do it in such a way that people know God loves them. I do need to be concerned about sexual issues and racial issues (and any other number of things) but I believe the best thing I can do is pray for people and to let my life demonstrate an attitude of grace and love to those with whom I disagree.


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