Monday Morning Randomness

Sometimes you find things on the internet that defy classification. Most of the time, these discoveries are by accident. You may be on Google looking for some one hit wonder of your childhood. Sometimes you’re just browsing YouTube, waiting to see what’s next. And then there are the times when a friend tells you about a clip that you just HAVE to see. Usually, when a friend says that, I automatically think, “This probably isn’t going to be as funny to me as it was to him.” I typically check it out so I can report back and share my thoughts.

This morning, a good friend back in NC asked me about a video clip. I had never heard of it and told him that I would check it out. I confess, I was scared to even type the title into Google. Knowing the nature of the internet, I was horrified to think what atrocities might pop up when I typed these words: Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight.

If you have seen the clip, you may be smiling to yourself already. If, like me, you have never experienced the wonder that is The Kelly Family…well…feast your eyes on this.

A quick check on Wikipedia revealed that The Kelly family were originally from the United States but moved to Europe where they achieved success. They toured stadiums and sold over 4.5 million records. Some of them are still performing today and are still drawing crowds. Little Angelo, the lead vocalist here, is now a member of a French Catholic religious order and has left show business behind.


I just found an alternate version of the song which appears to be an earlier performance. The lyrics aren’t as defined and it seems to be new to them. Angelo also has his hair down which makes him look even crazier.

Apparently, this has been an internet sensation for a while and I just missed it. Here is the fictional story about Angelo’s murder spree. Yeah…people took this one and ran with it.

And, for the sake of fairness, here is a clip of them when they were older and doing more commercial material.

What a crazy world we live in.


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