What I’m Reading Now

You may have noticed that I occasionally review books. There are three ways that I decide which books to review. First of all, there are books that I want to read for my own enjoyment. Sometimes I’ll read one and decide to post a short review of it up here. Secondly, I get books through a site called Blogging For Books. The last two book reviews I posted were from there. Lastly, there are books that are given to me. I guess that comes with being a pastor. People sometimes give me a book and tell me that I should read it. Most of the time I will skim through them but I rarely finish them. I don’t think I’ve posted a review of a book someone gave me, but that is about to change.

My next book from Blogging For Books is on the way so I will be reviewing that one as soon as I finish it. I may have it up before the end of the month if it arrives next week. If not, it will be the second week of August at the earliest. I am dean of a week of camp the last week of July and my first grandchild is due to arrive around the same time. I won’t have a whole lot of free time until early August. I can tell you the book I will be reading. It’s called Messy Grace and it’s by a pastor named Caleb Kaltenbach. Another pastor friend of mine recommended it and it was available through BFB. I am eagerly anticipating it, especially with all the things going on in the world right now.

The other book I am reading and plan to review here is Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. It has been sitting on my shelf for two years and I have just now picked it up. It was given to me when I was still an elder at Stoneybrook Christian Church in Wilson, North Carolina. It was given to me by a friend (and fellow elder) who told me that I would enjoy it. I was familiar with the book but I’ve never been a big fan of O’Reilly so I wasn’t itching to read it. I know it was recently adapted into a TV movie, which I haven’t seen either. I have read the first two chapters and I can honestly say that I am enjoying it more than I expected. If I come through the ordeal unscathed, I may give some of O’Reilly’s other historical books a shot. I know he did one on Lincoln and Kennedy and if I’m not mistaken, one on Patton. If they are similar to this, I just may like them.

Another book I want to review is The Devil In The White City by Erik Larson. I had a copy of it when I lived in North Carolina but I think I left it in the Habitat Store when I left. I had only finished the first two chapters and it was really intriguing. I haven’t been able to get another copy but I now see that used copies are very reasonable. I hope to order it soon and finally finish it. I will post a review of it once that happens.

So, there are my summer reading plans. I am always reading bits and pieces of books but I don’t always finish them. I have two books in my office that people have given me this past year. In both cases the donors were concerned about material in the books. They asked me what I thought of the authors and I told them that I wasn’t a big fan of either. One of the books is by Joyce Meyer and the other is by Joel Osteen. I will eventually get around to skimming them but I doubt that I’ll read them cover to cover. I tried Osteen’s first book when it came out and it left me numb. We’ll see if he’s gotten any better.


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