Camp 2015: The Blog Posts

I will be leaving for camp immediately following church this afternoon and will be gone until late Friday night. I will have time to write next week but access to the internet will be very limited. Think about it, it’s summer camp, why would there be internet? I’m sure that I could go to the office or the manager’s house and post, but I will be the dean and want to be 100% focused on making sure that the campers have a great time. So I am doing something I have NEVER done before. I am going to write a week’s worth of blog posts and then schedule them to post while I’m away. The FAQ section of wordpress assures me that this is possible so I am going to give it my best shot. If, for some reason, I mess it up and the posts aren’t there…I apologize. I have never attempted this so there is a good chance I might mess it up.

Our theme for the week is THRIVE! We will be looking at Psalm 1 verse by verse. My posts for next week will be covering the verse for that particular day. I thought it would be neat (yes…I still use that word) if those of you out there reading (you know who you are) could follow along with what our campers are doing. It will be as if you are at camp with us. You won’t be sleeping in cabins or eating camp food and won’t be playing all the fun games that we will be playing…but it’ll be the next best thing.

I will be sharing the EXACT same thing that the students will see in their booklets every day. Keep in mind, this is written for fourth and fifth graders so it may seem extremely simple. That is the intended goal. I still think that adults can get something out of these lessons too.

Here is Sunday’s MAIN THEME.

There are only two roads you can go down in this world. You can choose to follow the path that God wants you to and you will THRIVE! Or you can choose to follow the path that the world tells you to and you will DIE! This week we are going to look at what God’s word says about BOTH paths and see why we should all want to be on the one that will make us THRIVE instead of the one that will makes us DIE.

Every day we will focus on just one section of this Psalm. We will work on memorizing it and then we will look at other places in the Bible (including some of Jesus’ own words) that tell us even more about walking on the right path.

I’ll end this post by sharing our theme song for the week.


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