August Is Here!

I have started reading Crash The Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. I got a free review copy and hope to have it finished by the end of the week. I really enjoy getting free books and reviewing them. I don’t consider myself a proper book critic but it is fun. It also gets me free books. What more could a reader want?

I watched a couple of interesting documentaries this afternoon. The first one is called The Wrecking Crew. It was very interesting. It’s amazing to think that a handful of musicians played on all of those classic songs. These are the guys (and gal) who played on Pet Sounds. The second one is called Lost Soul. After watching it I can’t help but wonder if the story it chronicles is the inspiration for Tropic Thunder. It definitely gives you a different look into Hollywood. I have started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix. I am six episodes into the first season and I am having a difficult time staying interested. I am willing to give it an entire season before giving up on it.

I already miss camp. I imagine that I will have the post-camp high for the next few days. Things will get back to normal. In fact, I have a wedding to do this weekend. I’m sure that will smack me back to reality.


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