I Need To Change My Clothes

I have been reading Zechariah during my morning quiet time for the past two days. I understand that we need to keep things in their original context but it is interesting that so much of what God had to say to Israel and Judah is still relevant today. I don’t believe the prophet is speaking directly to me but there is almost always a universal lesson or application for today. I have been reading out of the NIV and The Message. I really like the way Eugene Peterson renders Zechariah 3:3-4:

Joshua, standing before the angel, was dressed in dirty clothes. The angel spoke to his attendants, “Get him out of those filthy clothes,” and then said to Joshua, “Look, I’ve stripped you of your sin and dressed you up in clean clothes.”

What an incredible picture. In Hebrew, Joshua’s name means “the Lord saves” and it is the same name that we get Jesus from. In this vision Zechariah is given a glimpse of what happened when Jesus went to the cross and died. He took our sins upon himself. When we call upon His name and are baptized into Him, our old, filthy rags are stripped away and we are clothed in His righteousness.


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