There’s Just Something About Dinosaurs

Chris and I FINALLY saw Jurassic World today. I had promised him that we’d see it in the theater but things kept coming up. Fortunately, it is playing at a second run theater up in Endicott, NY called Cinema Saver. Matinee tickets are only $2.25. Mind you, it is 60 miles (one way) from our house but it is still cheaper than driving to the mall up in Horseheads, NY which is 40 miles away with tickets starting at $7.25 each. We will definitely go back up there.

Chris and I both think this movie totally trumps the last two. He actually thinks it is better than the original. I do think it was highly entertaining but the first one is a classic. I didn’t have any complaints with this one though. The SFX are much better now and they ignored everything they messed up in the two sequels. And let’s just say this: Chris Pratt as a velociraptor trainer is worth the price of admission. I like that they brought back the geneticist (played by B.D. Wong) from the first one and made him less innocent. Also, Vincent D’Onofrio makes an excellent bad guy. Great casting.

The best thing, however, was the dinosaurs. Man…the dinosaurs were awesome. They were everything my inner twelve year old wanted to see. Big, gnarly, scary dinosaurs destroying everything in sight. Oh, did I say, Chris Pratt trains velociraptors? Oh. Yes.


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