Feelings Have Feelings


Robin, Jamie, and I went to see Pixar’s Inside Out today. It was a good movie. I expect nothing less from Pixar and they did not disappoint. I have noticed one trend in animated movies and this one is no different. It seems like the people making the movies have gone from dropping little adult jokes in kid movies to making animated movies for adults and disguising them as kid movies. It’s not that they are vulgar or inappropriate, they just aren’t directed towards kids. I noticed it today. The adults were laughing and interacting with the movie almost the entire time but the kids (Jamie included) lost interest during parts of the film. I don’t know what that means, but it’s more obvious each time I watch a new animated movie.

Pixar has really taken it in that direction. They have gotten good at getting the adults to invest emotionally. I have been in tears during several of their movies and I know the kids aren’t relating to it on that level. I sometimes wonder if they would be better off just making these films for adults and not pretending that they are kiddie movies. Maybe it’s because many of the parents going to see these films are still stuck in perpetual adolescence themselves.


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