I wrote a song several years ago called Clay. It was written around a little bass lick that I came up with. I wrote out the first line of the lyrics but never came up with much more. I did a very rough demo version of it with Britt Edwards from The Swift. It consisted of the original bass lick and bunch of samples and drum loops. We were shooting for a NIN type thing but we never fully produced it. I later pulled the song out when I was playing with Alex, Tyler, and Will in Ekklesia. I expanded the lyrics and Alex added a guitar riff but it still didn’t evolve beyond the demo stage. Occasionally I will dust it off and try to see if I can finish it. Well, today I was playing with the lyrics and actually came up with something I liked. Instead of getting out my bass or guitar, I decided to give it a go on piano. Here is the result. It isn’t a finished song, so don’t expect much. It’s nothing more than a demo recorded on an iPhone. However, I do think it’s one step closer to being done. The lyrics are based around 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 and Isaiah 64.8. Let me know what you think.
The I Am
Inside us all is dwelling
Our fragile shells
Are broken, not forsaken
Don’t lose heart
Though we waste away
The time will come
When we’ll see His face
We’re clay
We’re clay
Now we bow
Before You, Holy Father
Mold our hearts
Lord, You are the potter
Hear our pray
Lord, we are Your people
Make us new
Help us turn from evil
We’re clay
We’re clay

One Reply to “Clay”

  1. I hit the major chord there at the end instead of the minor. I didn’t feel like trying it again. This was about the seventh take. The major chord actually sounds interesting there so I’m not going to worry about it right now.

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