Okay…I’m Back

Robin is out with Chris and another scout selling popcorn. Geo and I are watching UNC and South Carolina play football. I’ve got some music blasting in my headphones. I was sitting here thinking about things and it hit me…Robin and I have been together for twenty-six years as of today. Currently, it’s a little after 7:00 PM which means it’s been almost EXACTLY twenty-six years since I drove over to her house on Grange Street and picked her up. I don’t even remember all of the details of what happened that evening but I know that she called me and told me to come get her because she didn’t like what was going on.

We talked while we drove around (we were probably cruising up and down Sunset Avenue) and by the time I took her home we were a couple. I had to go to work that night. It was a Sunday if I remember correctly and I had to be there by 10:30 PM. I remember not wanting to go in that night. I had been “in pursuit” for a year and on that night, the chase (for lack of a better word) was over. We had no idea the journey we were beginning that night. It has been exciting and at times it seems like it was just as precarious as Frodo Baggins’ journey to Mordor. He had Sam to get him through. Thank God (and I truly mean that) I had Robin by my side.

Once again, happy birthday baby. I love you.


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