Date Day

Robin and I are being more deliberate about taking time out for ourselves. This morning we went out to breakfast and then went to the book sale at the library in Monroeton. We got three high bags filled with books and four DVDs for $20. After that we stopped at the little Mennonite store and got a pumpkin and a mum to put next to our fall flag in the front yard.

Tonight we went to Vinnie’s in Troy and split a small steak & cheese stromboli. We considered driving over to Towanda and seeing the Brian Wilson movie but we decided to stay in Troy and go bowling. The movie would have been fun but it doesn’t end until 11:00 and I honestly didn’t feel like getting home around Midnight. We ended up bowling three games and then stopped at the Dollar General before coming home. I know it’s not exotic or super romantic, but we had a great time and didn’t spend a lot of money. The best part was that it was just the two of us. I think we’re send Geo and Becca out by themselves next week so the two of them can take a break.

I just listened to The Swift’s newly released cover of Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise. They put it out in the hopes of raising money to buy instruments for kids down in El Salvador. It’s only $.99 on iTunes and it is for a great cause. You ought to go buy it. HERE is a video explaining how it all came about. Watch it and decide for yourself. Then, go tell all of your friends to do the same. I’ve known these guys since they were Puddleglum and I can vouch for them. They have huge hearts and want to help those less fortunate.

Speaking of Puddleglum, I finally got copies of their two albums. I lost mine years ago and they are incredibly difficult to find. I got my sister to send them to me digitally. I’ve actually been thinking about sending each of the a couple of bucks so I’m not stealing them. For what it’s worth, I did ask Britt if he still had any copies laying around.

Well, that’s my Saturday post. I know it’s late and it’s not very long, but today has been my date day. I hope you all understand.


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