Keep On Lovin’

Have you ever seen those big rubber mud flaps on the back of tractor trailers? I remember seeing one when I was kid that had a cartoon figure on it. He was taking a step forward so his foot looked freakishly large. His hand was to the side and made it look like he wa thumbing for a ride. The caption printed on it said:

Keep On Truckin’

I have even seen the cartoon and slogan on posters and t-shirts. I have recently adapted that slogan to remind me that I am supposed to:

Keep On Lovin’

Regardless of what people say about me or no matter what they do to me, I have to keep on showing the love of Christ. I am supposed to love God with my entire being. I am supposed to live my brothers and sisters in Christ. And yes, I am supposed to love my enemies.

In Romans 12, Paul says that we are supposed to make every effort to live at peace with all people (verse 18). I admit, that can be difficult. I think it goes against our human nature.

Jesus taught (and demonstrated) radical love. As someone who claims to be a follower of him, my life should be defined by the same kind of radical love.

I almost chose the old REO Speedwagon song Keep On Loving You as the title for this but thought it might be too cheesy, even for me. It is a good sentiment to have when thinking about God. We are supposed to love God above all things. We are able to do that only because He loved us first.

My prayer is that no matter what I face in this life; I, with the help of the Holy Spirit, am able to keep on lovin’.


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