Lazy Sunday Night

This will be a short one. It has been a long day. I finished my sermon series on Romans today. That’s a plus. Next week I start a series inspired by Caleb Kaltenbach’s Messy Grace book. I am really looking forward to it.

We had our annual hayride and hot dog dinner tonight. There were people this year than last year, so that’s a plus as well. We piled into a trailer that was loaded with hay bales and then Dale pulled us with one of his tractors. It was a great night for it.

I guess there is supposed to be some super blood moon lunar eclipse tonight. I’m not even trying to see it. It’s too cloudy tonight. I’ll check out the photos and videos tomorrow.

I’m laying here, halfway watching the Denver and Detroit football game. It’s boring right now so I may go ahead and go to bed. If someone doesn’t score soon, I’m definitely checking out.

I guess that’s about it. I will try to write something substantial tomorrow. Until then, grace and peace.


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