Looking Back

This weekend marks a couple of important events. It has been two years since I came up to Granville and preached my trial sermon. It has been one year since my grandmother passed away. It has been a little over a year since Robin had her surgery. In about twelve days it will make a year since Beth Ann and her family moved to the United States from Ghana. Geo and Becca got married this year. Marcus was born this year. As I sit here and think about those things and then look at all that’s going on right now, I am amazed by how far we’ve come as a family. Robin just got home from Binghamton where she completed her SECOND 5K. Chris and I are going camping tonight with the Scouts. I can barely remember what life was like two years ago. I know that I wasn’t happy and I begged God to help us. I am blown away by just how much He has done.

I am eternally thankful for what God has done for me. I will be honest, there were moments during the past ten years where I sincerely wondered what was going on. I didn’t always see His hand on things and if I am honest, I questioned (and even doubted) Him. Fortunately, He kept on loving me even during my darkest times. I didn’t always feel it but I can look back on it now and see that He never left me.

I am excited about what He is going to do next. Hopefully, we will remain firmly planted here in northern Pennsylvania. I never would have chosen this as my home but God brought us here and I now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the area and I love the people. I want to make a difference here and after two years I finally feel like I’m learning how to do that.

Grace and peace


2 Replies to “Looking Back”

  1. reading you post today gives me a bit of hope. The season of life that I’m currently in, has raised many doubts about where we are going as a family. And it has continued to cast a shadow over my faith.

    I do not like feeling hopeless and helpless. I’m just struggling to keep moving forward.

    1. I can definitely relate. I wish I could say that it always makes sense when we are going through trials but the truth is, it doesn’t. There have been times when I seriously struggled with trusting God, especially during the dark times. In many of those situations it took years for me to be able to look back and see that He was still there with me. Grace and peace to you brother.

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