This month is Pastor Appreciation Month. Last year was the first time I was a “full time” minister during the month of October. I didn’t expect anything but was surprised when the congregation gave Robin and I a date night. Honestly, the folks here didn’t have to give me anything to make me feel appreciated. They have been doing it since the moment we arrived here. I knew that there had been some discussion about Pastor Appreciation Month again and once again, I didn’t expect anything. Well, once again the congregation have given us another date night. I am extremely thankful and I appreciate it. As I just said, they don’t have to buy me gifts or make a fuss for me to feel loved and appreciated here. It’s all the little things they do that let me know how much we are loved here. I’ll share one quick example to prove my point.

This morning Chris and I were driving back from Camp Brule’ after spending all night with the Boy Scouts. We had a great time but we were cold and tired and trying to get home in time to take showers and get to Sunday School. Well, about five miles from home my car died. I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with it but it stopped. We were fortunate enough to be one hundred feet from a gas station so we cruised in and called Robin. We only have one car at the moment so she got someone from church to come pick us up. Not only did this person come get us, she drove to her house to get a second car so that we would have something to drive for the next day or so. Her husband, who is one of the elders, told us to keep the car this week while we figure out what is going on.

I did get a shower and got to church after Sunday School started. When I got to my office another of the elders was waiting there with Dunkin Donuts and coffee. He had driven over to Troy before Sunday School to get them for me.

That is the kind of thing I’m talking about. This weekend makes two years since I came up and preached my trial sermon. I can honestly say that from the very first moment I arrived in Granville Center, the people here have reached out to me and shown me love that I really don’t deserve. I know so many guys who have burned out and left the ministry because they felt like they weren’t appreciated. There have been times in my life when I felt like people didn’t appreciate me. It has happened in the secular workplace and in the church. It means so much to let people know that you care about them, regardless of what they do. I try to tell the folks who clean the building that I appreciate it. I try to let the teachers and musicians know that I appreciate what they do.

Today could have been a really bad day. It began with me being tired, cold, and sore. My car broke down. I had to rush to get here. However, the love and compassion of the people I serve with here have made it a day to truly remember. I am appreciated.

Grace and peace


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