Yes, That Is Snow


We saw a little bit of snow yesterday afternoon as we were driving over to the Walmart in Mansfield. The forecast said that we might see some very light flurries. We got up this morning and it was cold. The thermometer I looked at was reading 29° and the ground was covered in frost. There was also a little bit of snow, as you can see from the photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I like snow. This will be our third winter up here and even though that doesn’t make us veterans, we get along fine. However, today is October 18. It’s not even Halloween. I know we have the potential for early snow up here. We had to cancel our Thanksgiving Eve service last year due to the snow. I have been told that there has even been measurable snow as early as Halloween. I get it, we live in the north.

I’m really not complaining. Like I said, I enjoy the snow when it isn’t two feet deep. I don’t even mind colder temperatures but I don’t look forward to those sub-zero days we had last year. I was really enjoying fall and all its colors. I guess I may as well fire up the wood stove and bundle up. Winter is on its way.

Grace and peace


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