Family Day

The kids were out of school today so we had a day out on the town. We began with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. We went to Sayre so Robin could get her vitamins from Guthrie. Lunch was at Good Fortune. That’s our favorite Chinese restaurant so we try to eat there once a month.

We spent the rest of the day at the mall up in Horseheads. We walked around and just hung out. It was a good afternoon. We even splurged at stopped at Cinnabon before we left.

We came home after going to get groceries. After dinner we all crashed on the bed and watched Pixels. It wasn’t a great movie but we enjoyed it.

I’m now watching Monday Night Football. Jamie is on the computer. Robin and Chris are watching Hunchback Of Notre Dame on Netflix.

Jamie has an appointment with the GI doctor tomorrow and I’m going to an area ministers meeting. Should be a busy day.

Grace and peace.


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