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Robin had an interview with K-Mart today and they offered her a job. She’ll start off as a cashier during the days (with a few nights) with a chance to move up some if she chooses to do so. They were willing to give her Sundays (all day) and Wednesday nights off (Scouts). That alone is a blessing. Some places don’t care about working around people’s schedules. This is definitely an answered prayer.

We received an anonymous Thanksgiving card in the mail today. I would like to share the text of the card:

For A Truly Wonderful Family

At Thanksgiving we celebrate all the things we have in this life that nourish us, from a bountiful harvest to the love of family and friends.

As you gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving may your family circle be joined with love that keeps you close through all the years to come.

Inside was a $100 Walmart gift card. Today had already been a good day and I was feeling very blessed so the news of Robin’s new job and this unexpected gift just reminded me HOW much I am blessed. I know that God loves me because His people love me. I only pray that I show the same kind of love to others as He blesses me.

Grace and peace.


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