Taking A Breather

This really isn’t a “Week In Review” post but I do want to comment on my week so far. It has been a very busy (but productive) week. Last Saturday I gave the devotion for a Methodist Men’s prayer breakfast. That was a great time of fellowship. Sunday brought church and everything that goes along with it. I spent most of Monday trying to fine tune my sermon and work on some writing that I had been putting off. Tuesday brought a church board meeting. It was one of our longer ones but we got a lot accomplished. It’s good to serve alongside folks who don’t mind putting their agendas aside for the sake of Christ’s Church. I am blessed.

Wednesday was filled with Bible studies and more writing. Thursday night was the board of directors meeting for Sylvan Hills Christian Camp. That was down in Howard so I had some time on the road before and after. Yesterday was hectic. I came over to the church for about an hour so I could play Legos with Lucas. I had promised him that we would. Then I took Robin to work and Jamie to the doctor. She has been having some pain in her right arm so they did x-rays. They didn’t find anything so they’ve scheduled her to see a physical therapist. We’re waiting to here from them to find out when.

Today has been nice. I went over to New Beginnings Godhab for their annual men’s prayer breakfast. I met a few local pastors, some board members, and some residents (former and current). We had a wonderful time of fellowship. I’m going to meet with their director and some folks in Towanda on Thursday to discuss plans for a second facility. I have been asked to teach one night once things get off the ground and I’m truly excited about the opportunity to reach out to the community in this way.

There is one notable bit of news from this past week that I’d like to close with. It seems as if a LOT of famous people have being dying lately and another one passed away this week. Glenn Frey (vocalist and guitarist for The Eagles) died on Monday. Apparently he had been sick but it seemed to catch most of the music world by surprise. I grew up across from a little redneck beer joint in North Carolina. I don’t know how many of The Eagles’ songs I heard as a kid. I heard so many that for a while I convinced myself that I hated them. As I got older and listened to their music again I realized that I really was a fan. Their country-tinged rock was filled with hooks and vocal melodies that stand the test of time. I leave you with the one song that is permanently etched in my memory. I can vividly remember laying in my bed on Friday and Saturday nights and hearing the crowd over at Reese’s singing along to this one at the top of their lungs.

Grace and peace.


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