Not Much To Say Tonight

I have spent most of the day reading and listening to music. I was reading Two Summers Too Hot by Wilson Crawford. It’s nice little novel set in North Carolina. The cool thing about it is that Mom used to work with Wilson. He’s a pharmacist and was on the same team Mom was on before she retired. If you like Nicholas Sparks and that type of fiction, you’d love Wilson Crawford. He’s got another book called The Envelope that I have not read yet. According to Amazon he also has a collection of original psalms called Psalms For Today. I’ll have to check that one out too.

I have been listening to all sorts of music today. Most of it was on YouTube. I want to share one that totally caught me off guard. I am a huge Petra fan. I thought I knew everything that they had ever done. I found two videos today that I had never seen. One was an original song called Who Do You Listen To? It was for a Josh McDowell video about abstinence. Now that I think about it, McDowell was on tour with Petra when I saw them in 1991. That’s not the one that got me though. That would be Our Turn Now. It’s a collaboration with Carman. I know who Carman is and I have heard one of two of his songs but I was never a fan. I definitely didn’t know about this. I have probably listened to it five or six times now. It is so bad and cheesy that I love it. I hope you do too.

Grace and peace.

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