A Short One

This will be very brief but I did want to pop in for just a minute. One of the things I’m learning to do as a pastor is to sit still and listen. That doesn’t come easy for me. Much like the apostle Peter, I like to open my mouth and bless the world with my thoughts, even if I have nothing to say.

When I do that it often results in one of two things. I sometimes miss out on the things that are going on around me. In my quest to enlighten others, I blow the chance to experience something important.

The other thing is worse. In my haste to fill the silence, I end up saying something ill-advised or downright stupid. Peter did that once when Jesus was telling them that he had to go to Jerusalem and die. Peter would have nothing of it and Jesus ended up calling him Satan.

I wonder how many things I’ve missed or how many times God has shaken His head because I was in a rush to speak? I still get impatient and blabber on from time to time but I am getting better at shutting up and listening. I have been amazed by just how much I’ve learned.

Grace and peace.


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