An Unintended Sabbatical

Wow, I looked and realized that it has been almost a week since I posted. I do apologize. Between being busy and being sick, I have not had the opportunity to post much. Having to come to the office makes it a bit more difficult but for the time being, that is how it will be.

I have been dealing with a serious cold ever since last Friday. It began in my head and was mostly sinus pressure and drainage. By Saturday evening my throat was starting to get sore. By Sunday afternoon I was feverish and the crud was starting to move to my lungs. I was pretty miserable on Monday and Tuesday. I feel a bit better today but my throat is pretty sore and I’m now coughing up all the junk that’s been bothering me. I’m taking medicine and resting as much as possible so I pray that I’ll be through all this by the weekend.

I had intended to post about the events of Passion week this week but I obviously didn’t get that done. My first thought this morning was that I could start with today and finish up but the Gospels don’t record any events on that Wednesday. Nice. The assumption is that Jesus and his disciples probably spent much of the day preparing for the Passover meal they were about to share.

The week began with the Triumphal Entry. People openly worshiped Jesus as the Messiah. Monday saw Jesus curse the fig tree, weep for Jerusalem, and drive the money changers out of the Temple. Tuesday saw Jesus teaching and pronouncing “woes” on his enemies.Tuesday is also the day Judas makes his deal with the Sanhedrin.

Wednesday is the eye of the storm. It appears calm and quiet but the real drama is about to begin. Jesus knows this. This is his last chance to catch his breath and prepare for all that is getting ready to happen. His mission is almost over and he knows it.

Lord, help me to spend these next few days remembering exactly what Jesus went through so that I could one day be with You.

Grace and peace.


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