What would my life look like if I let grace rule every single aspect of it? What would my marriage look like? What would my relationship with my children look like? I’m not suggesting that those relationships are bad but I wonder how much better they would be if I extended grace in every single situation. It’s easy sometimes. Those difficult situations are the ones I wonder about. What would happen if I gave grace and mercy even when the other person didn’t deserve it? That’s hard.

Isn’t that what Jesus does for me? He loves me and gives me grace and mercy and I know that I don’t deserve it. Isn’t that the way I’m supposed to live? I remember when the WWJD fad was everywhere. I remember having discussions about what it really meant to do what Jesus did. I think it means that we love people even if they appear to be lovable. We forgive others even if we don’t think they deserve it. Jesus is the one who said that the measure we use to judge others is the same measure we will be judged by. If I want grace, mercy, and forgiveness then I better be willing to give some.

Grace and peace.



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