My One Brush With Fame

Fourteen years ago I was handed a demo for a song that a buddy of mine was working on. His band was writing material that would eventually end up on their debut album and he asked if I would like to try writing some lyrics. I gave it my best shot and handed him a few lines and honestly didn’t think much about it. I was in the process of writing some songs of my own and trying to decided how/if I wanted to keep playing music. I had two young sons at the time and I was trying to work full time, be involved in church, and be the singer in a band. I was somewhat envious of my friends and their band because they were about to get signed and move to Nashville, Tennessee. I believed they were seeing the answers to their dreams come true and I felt as if I was watching mine slowly die.

Fast forward to today. I am doing exactly what I believe God has called me to do. I still write songs for fun and sometimes I’m even brave enough to share them online. My wife and I added a daughter along the way and we have watched all of three of our kids grow up much more quickly than we could have imagined. We’re even grandparents now. Even though I spent a good part of my life thinking I wanted to be a professional musician, I now know that was not what God had in mind for me. I no longer play the “what if” game when it comes to music. I have friends who are still involved in the music business (at different levels) but for the most part, all the guys I played music with and hung out with moved on to different things. It’s all good. I don’t believe that any of us are unhappy with where we have ended up.

However, I do like to look back from time to time. I have fond memories of playing shows to small youth groups and recording demos at our buddy’s house. I have fond memories of all the bands I ever played in and I do sometimes miss it. I have long since gotten over the envy of missing the whole professional musician experience though. Truth is, I probably wasn’t cut out for it in the first place. But, I do have one very minor claim to fame thanks to that offer my buddy made fourteen years ago. Because I took the time to jot down some words and give them to him, I actually ended up a published songwriter (sort of). It didn’t make me any money (although I did actually receive royalty checks early on) and it didn’t open any doors for me, it gave me the satisfaction of seeing my names in the liner notes of an actual album and not just something I printed off at home. I still smile whenever I pull this song up on YouTube and see my name there. I know that no one but me cares. I still get a kick out of though. So, thank to Britt, Mike, Chris, and Trae for letting me be a tiny part of your musical career. I still appreciate it all these years later and I miss hanging out with you guys. God bless.

Grace and peace.



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