Thirty Days With Jesus: Day One

For the next thirty days I plan to read through the four Gospels and see what (if anything) sticks out. We have been going through them during our two Wednesday Bible studies and I have been surprised by the things I had either forgotten or completely overlooked. We’re currently in Luke so I hope that my personal reading and study will enhance the time I am already putting into our mid-week groups.

This morning’s section was Matthew 1:1 through Matthew 4:17. That section covers the genealogy up until the temptation in the wilderness. One thing that really jumped out at me this morning is the level of faith that Joseph demonstrated. I am sure that he must have had doubts and fears but you see him listening to God and obeying. He gets three messages from angels and does what he is commanded. He stays committed to Mary, he packs his family up and goes to Egypt, and then he brings them back to Israel. He even obeys a dream that warns him about returning to Judea. We probably don’t give Joseph enough credit.

I also think it is interesting that Jesus doesn’t begin his earthly ministry until three things happen. He waits until John preaches and announces his coming. He then is baptized even though he had no need for it. Lastly he is tempted by Satan and resists. That reminds me that Jesus sought the will and the timing of the Father. I should probably make more of an effort to do the same.

Grace and peace



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