Tuesday Morning Update

I want to begin by saying that I am still doing my Thirty Days With Jesus every day but I haven’t posted up here for the last three days or so. We have been fairly busy. We had family and friends up this weekend so I was more focused on them than being online. Dad, Frankie (my Step-Mom), Geo, Becca, and Marcus came up Saturday so that they could take Geo’s car back down to North Carolina. They left yesterday morning. On top of that, Chelley Perut and her son Aydin stopped in for Saturday and Sunday. Chelley is one of Robin’s best friends from back in high school. She was in our wedding twenty-five years ago. She and her son are travelling around and were on their way to Niagara Falls. She thought it would be fun to stop in and surprise Robin. She was right. Robin had a great weekend and I think she really needed it. I think we all needed it.

Chris and I went to see Captain America: Civil War yesterday. Jamie went back to North Carolina with Geo so it was just me and the boy. We had a good time. We hit Game Stop, caught the movie, and then had lunch at Five Guys. We got home and it was close to time to pick Robin up. I dropped Chris off and then went and got her. We drove up to Sayre and had a great dinner at Original Italian Pizza. I think it may be our new favorite place. The great thing was that it was relatively inexpensive. We had toasted ravioli, a BBQ steak and cheese stromboli, and cheesecake. The total bill was less than $20. Mind you, we split everything and didn’t order sodas. We had a really nice time and didn’t break the bank. It was a great way to have a late birthday celebration since I really didn’t do anything last week.

I started another free online class from Dallas Theological Seminary. This one is on the book of John and I have already learned quite a bit in just the first section. I think I will take every class they offer in this format. If nothing else, I will get some excellent videos and lecture notes as resources. I definitely appreciate the fact that they do this.

Well, that’s a quick update. Hopefully I will get back to sharing my Thirty Days With Jesus thoughts tomorrow.

Grace and peace



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