Can You Hear Me?

If You Want To Lead Me To Jesus by Grover Levy has been one of my favorite songs ever since I first I heard it. There are a couple of reasons. The first is that it is an extremely catchy song that is incredibly hummable. It sounds a lot like The Rembrandts or one of Phil Keaggy’s poppier tunes. One could even say that it is Beatlesque in places. I would probably be one of those people. It’s just a good pop song. The lyrics, however, are the biggest reason it’s up at the top of my list.

It’s written from the viewpoint of someone addressing a Christian who isn’t living a life that matches the things he says. The lyrics are thought provoking and really make me stop and look at myself. It’s just a pop song but it makes me seriously consider my own life. Do people see me as someone who is authentic and genuine or am I another one of those hypocrites who speak loudly about what they believe without living like it.

Jesus says that we’re supposed to live lives that show his love, grace, and mercy. Am I doing that? Do I really care about others or am I just paying lip service to the Gospel? My prayer is that God’s Spirit will continue mold me and make me more like Jesus. I hope that when I talk about Jesus that people will know that he loves them and wants them to know him as well.

Grace and peace


One Reply to “Can You Hear Me?”

  1. One of my biggest issues with modern evangelical churches is just this. We can be sold on just about anything but when you meet and truly see the power and love of God in your life it becomes clear how you and what you should do with your life. Sometimes that might not be what the current church wants you to do. Attend service and pay tithes seems to be the biggest concern of the modern church. Issues of the heart become secondary, when Jesus took issue with the heart not just outward appearance, but nice song! 🙂

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