Now To Rectify A Grievous Error

After sharing and rereading my post from yesterday I released that I had done something unthinkable when presenting my list of ten favorite songs. I admitted that the list does change from time to time and that it was not easy narrowing it down to just ten songs. However, in my attempts to make sure certain songs were included I unintentionally left off one of my favorite songs of all time from my favorite band of all time. How in the world could I even consider putting out a list with no song from the Electric Light Orchestra? It’s inconceivable. So I am here to fix things. Once again, making a list of songs is not easy for me. Once I get it to where I think I’m finished I will remember another song and have to rethink it. That’s how I blew yesterday’s list. I thought too much. This list is going to come right off the top of my head without a lot of thought. That’s usually the best way to put one of these things together and if I had done it yesterday I probably wouldn’t have overlooked E.L.O.

Without further ado, I give you my top five songs from the Electric Light Orchestra.

Sweet Talkin’ Woman

Livin’ Thing

Don’t Bring Me Down




Grace and peace



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