It’s Getting Close

Eleven years ago tonight we were sitting around, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jamie. We were anxious because Robin had been in an automobile accident earlier in the pregnancy. We also had her previous two pregnancies and the trouble she had with the deliveries to think about. If I’m honest I will also say that I was somewhat nervous because the boys were right about the same age Stacy and I were when our sister Katherine was stillborn. All of those different things were swirling around upstairs and it made for a really long night.

To top it off we were also in the process of moving to Elizabeth City so we could go back to Bible college. I had a couple of weeks of summer camp to work as well. Waiting for the arrival of a child is nerve wrecking enough without all that other stuff piling on top of it. We got through it though and now we’re here in 2016, wondering how eleven years could just vanish like that.

It’s just been Robin and me this week and we’ve tried to take full advantage but I can promise you, we’re both ready to see the kids. That really long drive tomorrow will be worth it. I can’t wait to give my birthday girl  big hug.

This is the last photo taken of us before Jamie was born. It was taken eleven years ago tonight while we were sitting on Julie’s front porch.


Grace and peace.


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