It Is Good To Be Home

We left for North Carolina on Friday, June 24th. We arrived back here at about 3:50 yesterday afternoon. It was WONDERFUL seeing all of our family and the friends we were able to squeeze in. It was GREAT being able to get into the ocean for a few hours. It was INCREDIBLE to be able to eat at some of the places we used to eat at. It was AWESOME baptizing Jamie at Stoneybrook two Sundays ago. I don’t know that I can sit here and accurately sum up all the emotions that we experienced over the last ten or so days. It would take several posts just to mention everything we did and all the people we saw. We did keep a journal while we gone so I may share some of the highlights over the next day or so.

As much as I enjoyed seeing everyone and going to all the places we went to, I am truly glad to be home. I missed my dog. I missed my bed. I missed drinking coffee out of my mug. I missed the folks here at Granville. Part of me will always be connected to eastern North Carolina and as long as I have family and friends there, I will continue to visit. I will always love the Atlantic Ocean and I hope I will be able to continue going there. However, I cannot describe how great it was to drive through the hills of Pennsylvania and finally pull up into the driveway yesterday. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my time away or that I don’t love all of the folks down there. I guess I will always have a “home” down there but this is home now. This is where God led me. This is where I believe I am fulfilling my purpose. This is home.

Grace and peace


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