Who Knew A Biscuit Could Taste So Good?

Actually, I DO know that a biscuit can taste good. That is the reason I made a point to have one from both Bojangles’ and Hardee’s while we were in North Carolina. Both of those chains have their roots in North Carolina (I believe Bojangles’ is still based there) and I have had many a biscuit from each one. It’s not that you can’t get a biscuit here in Pennsylvania. We do have McDonalds and Burger King and both serve biscuits at breakfast. However, their biscuits taste as if they were frozen and then microwaved. They are edible and I do get them from time to time but they don’t begin to compare to the freshly made buttermilk biscuits served by the first two places I mentioned. Feast your eyes on these.

Bojangles’ Steak Biscuit



Hardee’s Chicken Biscuit

chicken biscuit


Yes, I know they are greasy. Yes, I know that aren’t particularly good for me. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t have easy access to them. I don’t know when I will get another chance to eat at either place so I will fondly remember these two culinary delicacies until we meet again.

Grace and peace



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