Not Just Another Glass Block



Give up? Yes, it’s a glass block. It’s 7 1/2 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches tall, and 3 inches thick. Yes, it has some concrete and some sort of binder (I’m assuming it’s silicone) attached to it. Yes, to most people it’s junk. However, to me it is a special piece of history. This is one of the blocks from the glass wall that was part of Booth 25 at the now demolished Pizza Inn on Hunter Hill Road in Rocky Mount, N.C. Why, you may ask, is that special to me? Let me tell you a little story.

My third job in high school was at Pizza Inn on Country Club Drive. I started working there when I was sixteen and was there right up until it flooded and was closed down. After that I worked at the Pizza Inn across town on Fairview Road. I worked there until the new Pizza Inn opened on Hunter Hill Road. I moved to that one and that is where I met Robin during the summer of 1988. Pizza Inn had tried to open up a delivery unit at the old Country Club Drive location but eventually moved it to the new facility. Robin had been working there so she showed up on Hunter Hill Road. Pizza Inn directly contributed to us meeting one another and becoming a couple. 28 years later I still am thankful that I worked there at the time.

What does that have to do with the glass block and Booth 25? Anyone who frequented the old Hunter Hill Pizza Inn most likely remembers Booth 25 even if they didn’t know that was it’s number. It was a solitary booth that sat just past the dessert bar and right before the entrance to the restrooms. There was a big glass wall (made up these blocks) on the side closest to the buffet area. This is the booth most employees sat at before, between, and after shifts. It’s also the booth that Robin and I typically sat it. For years there was some hand drawn graffiti (discreetly placed) that read Lebo ♥ RC. To put it plainly, it was OUR booth. Both of us were somewhat saddened when we saw the old location torn down to make room for the new one. We understood it but it was sad watching part of our past disappear.

Fortunately for us, Craig Johnson (who has been the manager there forever) knew it was special to us and he saved one of the blocks for us. He knew we had met there and he knew that Booth 25 had personal significance to us. Also, as a long time veteran of Pizza Inn (I did four tours of duty) it was something neat for me to have from the past. I was there the very first night it opened. I wasn’t there the day the started demolishing it (that would have been neat as well) but I spent a great deal of time there. This block is a conversation piece that will allow me to share a little part of may past.

Grace and peace


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