A Blast From The Past

OMG at The Rock 4

I just finished watching a video of an Oldmangrady show from 2000. Phil had some of them burned to DVD and gave me copies when were down in North Carolina last week. The one I was watching was recorded at the youth loft at the old Nashville Praise & Worship Center. It was a really cool place they called The Rock and if memory serves me correctly (it sometimes doesn’t) we played there three times. The video I have is from our second show there. It was recorded sometime after June because I talk about how I just turned 30 and had a new kid (Christopher) on the way.

I have watched the video four times now and although there are some missed chords and some rough spots I can’t help but think that we were much better than I ever gave us credit for at the time. Joe was a really good drummer. Phil and I performed well beyond our limitations. We were really tight live (this show in particular) and we had a lot of fun. I guess I kind of forgot about that. The kids at that show were really into it as well. I often tell people that the best show I ever did was when Ekklesia played at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Rocky Mount. I may have to rethink that now.

I think one of the reasons I never considered Oldmangrady a “real” band is because I was constantly comparing us to Puddleglum at the time. We played a lot of shows with them and all of the stuff we recorded was done with Britt. I know that a couple of the guys in their band thought we were a joke. They never came out and said it but I could tell by the way they acted. I really let that get to me. It caused me to doubt myself and it probably contributed to me wanting to pull the plug on Oldmangrady much earlier than I should have.

There were some other things going in my life at that time that made the decision easier but it was mostly because I let others make me feel inferior. We even had one former member of our band basically tell us that he was used to playing with real musicians. I really let that have a negative affect on me and looking back on it sixteen years later, I have to wonder if I ever gave us a serious chance. We never had aspirations of being critically acclaimed musicians and we never pretended to be anything other than what we were; a three chord (sometimes four) noisy pop band. I don’t know why I let other people convince me that we weren’t good enough. We weren’t playing for them in the first place. All we wanted to do was play music and give God glory through it. You know what? That’s exactly what we did and I’m not ashamed of it.

It has taken me a few years to be able to say this but I say it now. Oldmangrady was the best band I ever played in. Thanks to all the guys who were a part of it.

Grace and peace


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