Sixth Grade, Really?

This post will be short but I have to do it. The kids went back to school yesterday. Chris started ninth grade and Jamie started sixth. Wait. Hold on. How in the world can Jamie be in sixth grade? That just isn’t possible.

I can remember having similar feelings when Geoffry started sixth grade. The same feeling popped back up a few years ago when Chris reached that point. Jamie is my baby. She’s my last child. She is now in sixth grade. I have talked and written about my sixth grade so much that most people who know me can recite the important facts back to me. It is the first year of my life that I can vividly recall. It’s where the majority of my childhood memories begin. Jamie is there now.

Wow. It’s been thirty-five years since I was there. That’s hard to imagine but it’s true. So, in honor of that magical year I am listening to music from 1981 today. I’ll probably hook up the Atari Flashback tonight and play a game or two of Yar’s Revenge. I’ll probably send my buddy Paul a quick message on Facebook to lament our long gone youth. For now I’ll sing along with The Cars and The J. Geils Band.

Grace and peace


One Reply to “Sixth Grade, Really?”

  1. Well, I don’t recall ever getting that message last week. 🙂

    Yeah, neither of us will forget sixth grade. I agree that most of my vivid memories start around that time, but they are even stronger than memories of 7th and maybe even 8th grade.

    I’ve probably been missing (OK, no, I HAVE been missing) a lot of your posts dealing with sixth grade, so I’ll try and share a memory I have with you at least a couple times a month. Since you posted that picture of The Cars, I’ll never forget bringing “Shake it Up” to school the day we were allowed to bring records in. It was a big hit! I recall my dad even really loved that song. But I also brought in Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble” that day and realized that song was going to suck the party atmosphere right out of the room if it got played (even though I loved that song!). I remember trying to nix it getting played, and I can’t remember who it was, but he/she got a hold of it, put it on…..and my guess was correct. Everyone was baffled and we may have even cut it short. So much for that.

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