Struggling For The Words

I started a new sermon series yesterday about how we can make our mark in this world while we’re here. I mentioned some people who made a positive influence on me when I was younger. I talked about leaving a legacy. While preaching I had a lot on my mind. Some good friends from North Carolina had just buried their mother on Saturday. Another family here is dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one. To say that I have been examining my own mortality and my own contributions to the words would be an understatement. I came to the office today just to check some e-mail and look at some stuff on ESPN. While here I received two phone calls. I was not anticipating either of them and both of them left me rattled.

One was in regards to a young man struggling with some personal issues. The caller wanted me to be aware of the situation. I appreciated the call but it left me wondering what I should do next. How can I make a positive influence? How can I help this guy? I don’t have the answer yet but it had got me to thinking. The second call floored me. In fact, I am still sitting here in disbelief. A buddy from North Carolina died suddenly this morning and I just don’t know how to process it. I am stunned. Literally. This guy was making a mark in this world. He was making an impact and now all we have left is his legacy. His physical work here on earth is done but I imagine that we’ll see the effects of his life for many years to come.

That’s all I can manage at the moment.

Grace and peace.


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