I am writing this tonight (4/1) so that I will have a blog post for tomorrow. I don’t want to go another two months without posting. Like I said, I have been busy and there have been a lot of things that I am dealing with in the real world but I would still like to post regularly, even if not every day.

I have been sitting here finishing up the PowerPoint for my sermon. I have been preaching through the Minor Prophets and I’ll be tackling Micah next. I have also been listening to old DeGarmo & Key albums. I don’t know what inspired that other than my buddy Phil mentioned them earlier today when I was talking to him. I never really got into them back in the day but I am really enjoying them now. I think Mylon & Broken Heart may the next group I check out.

Chris is watching some of the later Toho Godzilla movies (one of the channels is having a marathon today) while I’m waiting for UNC and Oregon to play basketball. Marcus is lively this evening which means he’s probably feeling better. He’s fighting an ear infection and has been pretty sick for the past day or two. I’m glad he’s getting better. Sick kids are heart-breaking. I’m looking forward to the ball game and I really hope the Heels win it all (especially after losing on the last shot last year) but it won’t be the end of the world if they don’t.

I wonder how difficult it would be to find these first few D&K albums on vinyl. They are pretty good. Imagine Styx with overtly Christian lyrics and slightly less prog influences. The vocals are pretty tight and there is some cool synth work on these first two. They came out in 1978 and 1979 so they were way before I discovered Christian rock. That wouldn’t happen until 1986. I kinda wish I had known about this stuff back then.

UNC barely beat Oregon. I guess I have one more game to watch on Monday night. Have a good one.

Grace and peace


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