May The Fourth Be With You

Well, another month has breezed by and I am still not posting. No need to apologize at this point because not posting is more normal than posting. We have had an interesting week. We lost power Monday night during a really rough storm and it was out for over fifty hours. The lights came back on sometime after Midnight this morning. We were very grateful and appreciate all those folks who have been out there working on the lines. They probably do not get enough recognition. So let me say, “Thank you very much.”

Yesterday was Geo’s twenty-first birthday. Today is the second anniversary of he and Becca getting married. Today is also National Day of Prayer as well Star Wars Day. What a busy day. This hasn’t been the best week for celebrations so we plan to do something this weekend. That will be difficult too because Men’s Night Out (at Sylvan Hills) is tomorrow night. Our Mother-Daughter dinner is Saturday night. We’ll squeeze it in there somewhere.

I am sitting here in the office working on a chapel talk for New Beginnings tomorrow and polishing up my sermon for Sunday. I have a massive head cold that seemed to swoop down out of nowhere and attack me early this morning. I am listening to a lot of U2 this morning. I always liked them but at some point in the past twenty years they have become one of my favorite bands of all time. Electric Light Orchestra is still at the top, Petra and Stryper are still fighting it out for second place, but U2 has jumped right up there with them.

Well, that’s all I really have. I did want to write something this month. Who knows when I will pop back up here. Have a good one.

Grace and Peace.


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