Perfect Pop Songs #2

I took yesterday off because it was my birthday. I checked my e-mail a couple of times and I responded to the many Facebook birthday wishes but other than that I stayed off the internet and enjoyed spending time with my family. Mom and Jim drove up for the weekend so we’re planning on cooking on the grill later today since it is HER birthday. I just got in from splitting a little bit of wood over at Dale’s house. We were the only ones there so we didn’t get a lot done but every little bit helps. I’ll get all the grass mowed later today.  Now onto the song of the day.

This one is sure to cause some discussion amongst those of us with an opinion concerning this band. Had I taken the time to post yesterday this would have been my song. Electric Light Orchestra is my favorite band ever and there are very few songs by them that I do not like. Choosing just one song is nearly impossible. There are several I considered for this post but I went with one that is consistently at the top of my lists when I make them. I’m not 100% this is my favorite but it is definitely in contention. For those who will want to question this choice; listen to the strings, listen to the vocals, listen to the hook and then tell me if I am wrong.

Grace and peace.


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