What Do You Think?

Way back in sixth grade our English teacher encouraged us to find pen pals. I don’t remember where we got the names or how we chose them but I got a kid in Kentucky. If I remember correctly (and I might not) we swapped letters only a couple of times. I honestly forgot about it until I found a photo in an old book. It has his name and hometown (at the time) scrawled on the back in my unmistakable sixth grade handwriting. I started to wonder what might have happened to him so I put his name in the Facebook search feature. No luck. My curiosity wouldn’t let go so I Googled his name and the town he used to live in. Imagine my surprise when I got the information for an eye surgeon. This fellow’s bio says he practices in the same town he grew up in. I compared photos and have come to the conclusion that this is the same guy. I’m not posting his name (he might not appreciate that) but I’m putting up the two photos to see what others think. Is this the same fellow?

Grace and peace.



One Reply to “What Do You Think?”

  1. I believe so. You should reach out to him like you did to me! This guy also went bald like me. Hey, wait a minute. I’m seeing a trend. Being connected to you makes a person go bald!

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