I am learning that if you look people in the eye, smile, and speak to them in a pleasant voice most of them will respond in the same manner. There will always be exceptions but the majority of the people I have interacted with at Walmart have been friendly. There have been a few who seemed grumpy and walked by without commenting and there have even been a couple who gave me what some people call the stink eye. I even had my first “cussing” today. A lady was really nasty to me but it was fairly obvious that she was unhappy long before meeting me in the garden center. I smile and wished her a good afternoon. There was no need for me to take it personal because I knew it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I try to remind myself of that whenever someone is less than happy to see me.

I really do believe that God will use this job to not only bless me financially but to help me in my ministry. This position is giving me a chance to meet and interact with people who I would never meet in my community or congregation. I have already met several people who are regular customers. They already recognize me and I already recognize them. That is how relationships begin and grow. Even if they never evolve past customer and greeter, I have an opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives. That’s pretty cool.

Grace and peace.

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