Take A Deep Breath

There…doesn’t that feel much better? I can’t speak for anyone but myself but the sun seems a little brighter today. Robin and I (mostly Robin) have been dealing with a very unpleasant situation since February. Unpleasant really doesn’t do the situation justice. It was bad…very bad. Robin was unable to work while this was going on (she wanted to but couldn’t) and it caused much physical, emotional, and spiritual stress on our entire family. As recently as this past Friday the outcome was uncertain. We did our very best to trust God throughout the entire ordeal and believe that He would make everything work out in the end. We were even able to get to the point where we were honestly okay if it ended badly. We prayed for the very best but seriously prepared for the worst. Even though there were times when we were crippled by doubt and fear God blessed us and showed us favor. As of this this morning it is over. Robin will be able to return to work tomorrow and we can begin to put this all behind us.

One of the biggest lessons we learned (outside of trusting God) is that God’s people are good. I know that many want to point fingers at the Church and hurl accusations (bigotry and hypocrisy seem to be two of the biggest) at those who call themselves Christians. The sad truth is that there are a lot of folks who claim to follow Christ and just don’t do it. There always have been. However, it has been our experience through this ordeal that the folks in our congregation really do love us and care for us. We’ve never had any real doubts about that but if any ever try to surface, we’ll know they are not true. The leaders and members of Granville Center Church of Christ have stood with us from the very beginning. They have supported us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I have known people in some congregations who would have wanted to cut ties at the first sign of trouble. They would have done it too. I have never worried about the people here. I have never had a reason to.

It is truly a beautiful thing to see and experience God’s people loving one another the way God intends for them to. I and my family are beyond blessed and we know it. Here’s the thing, it is easy to say this right now because the entire thing has ended favorably. I KNOW that I would still be able to say these same things even if it hadn’t. Even if we were sitting here this afternoon broken and battered, wondering what to do next, these same people would be right here with us….loving us. God told us to love Him above all else and to love others they way He loves them. It is truly a beautiful and incredible thing to experience it.

I know that there have been people praying for us all over this country (and even in other parts of the world) as we went through this. The love what we have experienced here at home and from all of you in other places has been absolutely overwhelming. Even when things looked bleak we knew we were not alone. We knew that all of you were praying with us. Every card lifted our spirits. Every anonymous gas card or grocery gift card (and there were several) reminded us that we are loved. God spoke to us powerfully through the words and actions of His people. We have been profoundly changed by all of this. We humbly and sincerely thank each and every one of you. May God bless you mightily.

The Modlins

Grace and peace.


RC and Lebo 2017


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