A Quick Check In

This will be short. I apologize. I have been busy today and am preparing to head to Walmart in about an hour to work a 4-11 shift. I led chapel over at New Beginnings at 10:00 and stuck around for lunch. One of the guys is graduating this weekend so I wanted to hang out with him one more time before he heads home (Virginia) Sunday. Unlike the other guys there (past and present) I was actually there the day his Dad dropped him off. I sat and talked with his father as they got him signed in. For whatever reason I just feel a connection with him that I haven’t felt before. I’m proud of him.

I have other things I want to discuss (the suicide of Chester Bennington is one) but I just don’t have time today. It will be late when I get home tonight (right at Midnight) and I plan to go straight to bed. Hopefully I will have the gumption to get up in the morning and write something proper. I have another 4-11 tomorrow so I will have to get it done before lunch. We’ll see. Have a good afternoon and a good night.

Enjoy this song. Ascend The Hill is one of my favorite “new” Christian bands.

Grace and peace.


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