A.L. Kennedy – Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse

The Doctor of my childhood (what little I was able to watch) was Tom Baker. I have enjoyed the newer Doctors quite a bit but when I hear “Doctor Who” it is Baker’s lovable mug that comes to mind. I am also a fan of Douglas Adams and a friend described this as being Adams-inspired. That was enough for me to snag this copy and dive into it. I am not familiar with any of Kennedy’s other works and I have never read any of the Doctor Who novels. I was truly a “virgin” going into this. There is nothing bad about this book and it is actually quite entertaining (what bits I finished) but it never really grabbed my attention and held it. Kennedy is a capable writer and the story felt very much like Doctor Who but I continued to lose interest enough times that I never actually finished it. I confess that I received this particular title during an rather hectic point during my life and that may have contributed to my lack of interest with it. This is not a indictment of Kennedy or her novel. As I said, the parts I read were truly interesting and stayed true to The Doctor. I did find some of the writing to be a bit long winded but it was not nearly as tiresome as Tolkien or Lewis. I do hope that one day I will be able to pull this one down from the shelf and give it another shot.

I give it a three out of five simply because I never finished it. What I read was good but I just cannot comment much more.

I was reviewing a copy I received from bloggingforbooks.


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